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What is Cremation?

posted Nov 30, 2010, 9:31 PM by Guido Santella

Cremation uses intense heat and evaporation to return the body to its natural components.  It is an age-old practice used around the world.  Cremated remains consist primarily of elemental bone fragments.

Before cremation, the body mat be placed in a variety of containers, depending primarily on the type of funeral service selected.  A casket or cremation container in which the body is encased is usually designed to be consumed in the cremation process.  Following cremation, the cremated remains are normally placed in a container called an urn.

Embalming is not required if there is no viewing, or if the funeral takes place within 24 hours of the death.  Otherwise, it is a requirement of Penssylvania law.   The purposeof embalming is to disinfect and help preserve the body.

Cremation provded and unlimited time to decide the ultimate disposal of ashes, bit it offers other options for funeral services too.

Funeral homes offer counseling on all these possibilites.  They also provide facilities for families and friedns to assemble and honor their loved one.