Pre-Need Funeral Planning

Why would anyone pre-plan their own funeral?

Pre-planning has many benefits, some more tangible than others.  From a practical standpoint, pre-planning allows you to make the arrangements exactly as you want them. And pre-planning enables you to purchase your funeral at todays prices rather than burden your estate with the higher prices that future inflation will bring.

Emotionally, pre-planning relieves your loved ones of an enormous responsibility and makes a difficult time a little bit easier.

I’ve already received phone calls about pre-planning.  Are they legitimate?

They may be.  But you could be misled.  Some callers are simply “third-party” sellers.  In other words, they have a single, specific product to see such as caskets or vaults.  Try to determine exactly what they are selling and what is included.  Find out if you are being offered a complete funeral service.

Do I have to buy everything individually?

Of course not.  But it is an option, no matter who arranges the ceremony.

If you want the convenience of one source, however, only a licensed funeral director can offer the most comprehensive funeral services.

And because a local licensed funeral director is a member of your community, he or she can offer you and your loved ones continuity and comfort.

Should I shop around?

You should do whatever makes you most comfortable about your decision.  Whatever you do, don’t let anyone pressure you for a quick decision.  If you’re unsure, compare prices and services.  Ask a lot of questions.  Discuss your arrangements with family and friends. Or ask your local licensed funeral director for advice.  Pre-planning enables you to make these important decisions in your own time.

Where do I start?

You’ve already probably decided which method of burial you want.  Your local licensed funeral director can help how to best carry out your plans.  Just call for an appointment.  He or she can explain the costs of a complete ceremony and can help you compare.

How do I know who to look for?

A licensed funeral director is one who has met standards set by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  He or she must meet stringent requirements for facilities, services, fees, and ethics.

It’s important to remember that your local funeral director is there to help you and your family.