To Help You With Your Loss

The responsibility of planning a funeral is not one most people face often in their lives.  It’s often a time of confusion and bewilderment.  It’s a time when the aid of a funeral director who you trust can make the world of difference.

Each funeral home is different.  They are located in different areas, and are physically different.  At the Santella and Axe funeral homes we try to maintain a very wide selection of services and prices.  We are always willing to have a frank discussion about these, either when the need is apparent, or “pre-need”; at a time convenient to you.

At any time, we’re also available to discuss the intangibles of death…the sorrow, the grief process, and the importance of a funeral service.

There are many steps in the grief process, and our family and staff make it our own primary goal to help each person handle each step in his or her own, special way.

Our management and staff offers more than just the physical facilities necessary to conduct a funeral.  We offer each client the caring and compassionate understanding that can help ease the pain of a loved one’s passing.

We believe a funeral is many things, but it is mainly of the deceased, and for those who remain, and are bereaved.

As we enter our seventh decade of service, we feel certain we can provide you with peace of mind and confidence.