When Our Help Counts

To better serve the community, a responsible funeral director provides a better way to properly finance a funeral, while maintaining a wide selection of funeral merchandise.

Price does not alone determine quality…each selection must be considered on its own merits, in concert with the family’s or individual’s needs.  One important fact is that our firm maintains a complete selection in a variety of qualities and in a range of different prices.

Additionally, we provide for all aspects of the funeral service, including the services of the funeral director and staff; the use of the establishment, motor equipment, and other necessary facilities.

Our staff endeavors to offer you complete freedom of choice.  Don’t be afraid to ask.  We offer you a wide range of services priced within your means.  No one has ever been denied the dignity of a Christian burial due to the inability to pay.  Please feel comfortable to come to us at any time to discuss any or all aspects of a funeral service.